Fabric Shade Structures

We utilize CAD/CAM equipment to produce accurate and consistent cut pieces, joined together with the highest quality adhesives, fabric welding processes, and skilled sewing.

Our Machines:

     · Automated Fabric Plotter/Cutter

     · RF Fabric Welder (waterproof seams)

     · Wedge Welding (adhesive)

     · Programmable Sewing Machines (box stitching and
       industrial piecework)



In here, old school craftsmanship combines with advanced fabricating technology to produce unique structures, identity products, and industrial solutions.

Our employees have nearly 100 years of combined experience with backgrounds in industrial fabrics, apparel assembly, and upholstery.

Sun Control Systems

Over 70 years of experience in metal fabrication combines with cutting edge equipment and powerful design software.



Capabilities & Tools:
     · Certified structural welding (shop), aluminum and steel,
        MIG and Heliarc welding machines

     · CNC Machine
     · Plasma cutting sheet metal in aluminum and steel from
        .125" to 1.5" thick
     · Plasma cutting round pipe: saddle cuts, connection
        holes, lettering
     · Automated saw line for cutting tubular aluminum
     · Radial bending for tubular aluminum
     · Industrial piecework
     · Metal art


The Chism Company, Inc.

Covered Parking

Decorative Metalwork

Our products begin with 3-Dimensional modeling and patterning which supports accurate, custom metal fabrication and assembly as well as helping to bring unique and complex designs to life. Our patterning processes utilizes state-of-the-art software that also support custom sheet metal fabrication and advanced fabric shade products.

Our programs:
     · Torchmate
     · MPanel Shade Designer
     · Solidworks